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What you need to know

Where is the Urgent Care located?  Currently, there are several care providers located in the St. Cloud area but teletherapy is available to anyone in the state of Minnesota. Which provider you see will vary depending upon availability, type of insurance you have, and your location. Most of our providers are located on or near a bus line.

What are the hours?  The phone is answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week and you will be able to request an appointment when you call.  Appointment times will vary based upon provider but most will occur during normal business hours with a few exceptions.

Do you take insurance?  How much does it cost?  Final cost to you will depend upon your insurance coverage and the provider’s fee schedule. Our providers accept most forms of insurance including medical assistance. If you do not have insurance we do have providers who will do cash pay and even work out a payment schedule or fee appropriate for your income level if need be. There are NO additional fees for using the Urgent Care service. 

Do you see children?  Yes, our providers have members on staff who specialize in a wide range of specialties including children, families, LGBTQ community, trauma victims, and even have the ability to serve the deaf and hard of hearing individuals as well.

Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?  At the moment, we do not have one in our network. Like urgent care for your physical health, our objective is to make sure you are safe, given tools to begin to manage your mental health, and create a plan moving forward. On occasion that means a referral to a psychiatrist when needed.  However, our providers can and do work with your primary doctor to get you prescriptions should they may be needed. Each provider will determine the best and most valuable course of treatment for each patient. 

Is this a “hotline” to get help?  No, this is not a hotline, rather a network of providers who have agreed to set aside a block of appointments each day to see people who are in a heightened mental health episode.  When you call the number you are calling to schedule an appointment at a provider.

I can’t get in to see my normal doctor for 6 weeks. Can I just make an appointment thru Urgent Care so I don’t have to wait?  You should think of and use the Urgent Care for Mental Health in much the same way you use urgent care for your physical health. You wouldn’t go to urgent care to get a flu shot or physcial and you wouldn’t go to urgent care if you were having a heart attack. You go to urgent care because of an acute illness or injury that requires quick medical attention but does not rise to the level of an emergency visit.  The same holds true on the mental health side. You should not go to urgent care for med checks or your normal talk therapy appointment and if you are considering harming yourself or others you should contact a crisis line, call 911 or go to the hospital. However, if you are experiencing an acute or heightened mental health episode that does not rise to an emergency but cannot and should not wait those 6 weeks to see your regular doctor then you should contact us. You must use your best judgement keeping in mind there are a limited number of slots available per week.

How does the Urgent Care for Mental Health program work? How come you can see me in 2 days but it takes 2 months everywhere else?  The Urgent Care program takes a unique approach to providing mental health care in our community.   The idea was conceived by Urgent Care for Mental Health CEO Marc Van Herr in partnership with The Beautiful Mind Project. 

The primary reason we can offer quick access is because of how people “shop” for mental health. Most people use do a Google search for “therapists near me”. This search will typically bring up the larger providers who have the resources to ensure they are at the top of the search results. When someone is struggling mentally most are only going to call one or two providers. The same providers EVERYONE is calling because they are at the top of the search results. Nobody is calling the 12th provider on the list and definitely not going to page 2 of the search results. Unfortunately, this is where dozens or even hundreds of appointments each WEEK go to waste. 

The solo to small providers are great therapists who simply lack the financial resources or knowledge to market their practice on a larger scale. This means that, despite providing quality treatment to their clients, they have open appointments each week. Often these appointments are left unfilled. This is where we come in. We work with these providers to pair individuals needing quick access to mental health with providers who have appointments. It is a model that is unique and the only one of it’s kind that we can find in the country. 

I work with an organization that serves a population that could benefit from this service. How do I find out additional information?  You can contact Marc Van Herr, CEO of Urgent Care for Mental Health at 320-266-8082 or email at marc@projecturgentcare.com 

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