Cost-Free Mental Health Counseling From Mosaic

A mosaic comprises many pieces that create a larger picture. Mental health is similar. Your mental health is a larger picture of your life experiences; even though some seem insignificant, each contributes to who you are.

The Mosaic program provides cost-free counseling sessions to members of our community. Master-level graduate students work alongside licensed therapists to partner and focus on being the support system you need for your mental health. Over several weeks, you can start your mental health journey without worrying about the cost.

Why Talk Therapy Can Work for You

Talk therapy can be highly effective for managing your mental health. These sessions are proven to help encourage healthier behaviors, improve relationships, and lead to more positive thinking. You can use your counseling sessions with the Mosaic project to seek the help you need, with fewer barriers to entry.


Nearly one in five Americans live with a mental illness.


*Data from the National Institute of Mental Health


Approximately 75% of people who try talk therapy report its benefits.


*Courtesy of the American Psychiatric Association




Counseling sessions have proven to help with conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


*Courtesy of the American Psychiatric Association

How to Join Our Free Counseling Sessions

Joining our program is accessible to everyone. Fill out our form with your contact information below. After entering a few brief contact details, we’ll review your information and add you to our list of applicants.

Who Can Participate in the Program?
Everyone is encouraged to apply regardless of income or employment status. There are no financial criteria required as Mosaic strives to change the way people access and experience mental health care. Along with cost-free counseling, Mosaic also increases convenience with late-afternoon/early evening appointments, access via a bus route, and teletherapy for those unable to leave home.
How Are Participants Chosen?
To make our program available to everyone in our community, we choose participants randomly. After receiving their application, we place each applicant into a pool and draw from it to select participants. More spots will become available in the future as participants complete the program.
What Kind of Therapy is Available?
Patients receive Generalized Therapy from graduate students seeking practicum hours. A licensed therapist oversees all students and can step in to provide care for patients with unique needs. This kind of therapy is versatile and can help with conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship management.
How Long Can Participants Receive Therapy?
Mosaic participants will work with a therapist for up to ten sessions. We want to provide therapy for as many people as possible but also hope to help people long term. For this reason, our therapists will refer you to a long-term therapist or program if you wish to continue treatment.
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