16 stitches to the wrist, It’ll have been 9 years on December 21st.

I have always been embarrassed about it and never one to talk about self harm and I always made up an obviously false story to cover the truth of what I was dealing with and what had happened that day because my wound was very gruesome, obvious and in a terrible spot. And to outsiders, I had a seemingly perfect and happy life. But for 1. your brain chemicals don’t care about that.

Always wore bracelets and arm bands because who wants to be looked at and thought of like that?

So many questions, so many fake stories. So many fake smiles to please the ones around me, and even that wasn’t enough.

Ended up inking the THC molecule over my incredibly traumatic scar simply due to the fact that cannabis has saved my life.

I never wanted to end my life, and I never will, only my pain. But pain is a part of life and some of us are more equipped to deal with the struggles and the motions than others. AND THATS OKAY!
But I urge all of anyone who feels down enough to question this beautiful life to reach out in anyway to talk, seriously, you are loved.

It hasn’t gotten easier but in 8 years I have had two beautiful daughters who remind me why I’m here everyday and giving up is not an option when you have someone calling you mommy!
#endthestigma #itsnotforattention #lifeisbeautifulandsoareyou

*this is my first time ever saying anything about this incident in detail, but I feel with recent events, I had to put out my story, mental health is so important, take time for yourself.*