My parents divorced when I was 2 years old leaving me to grow up with an alcoholic father that showed no love or care for my sister or I, but gave everything to my step mom and step sister as soon as he re-married which was pretty much right away. I was always a heavier girl and felt very ugly so I didn’t have any friends my age. I was always alone and developed severe depression at an early age. I didn’t do very well in school either, mostly C’s and D’s, and it didn’t seem like anybody cared. Nobody did care. My sister was pretty popular which left me alone a lot, since we are so close in age.

  When I was 15, I moved in with my mother. A new town, a new school, some new people. I did well in that school. Of course, I fell in with the wrong crowd, and fell into an addiction for 2 years until the source went broke and went to jail, then I sobered up on my own. I graduated high school and tried to move on to college. Twice. During my first attempt at college, I injured my back. After my first semester at my second college, I had a major mental breakdown and fell into a deep depression.

  So my mom came to my rescue and helped me get on disability and fill out all the paperwork and get all the workers necessary for my situation. She took me to many doctors appointments and helped me through the over 100 ECT treatments I had to help my depression. I lost a lot of long term and short term memories from the ECT. A lot of good memories lost forever.

  I moved into an apartment for vulnerable adults. From then on I will be considered a vulnerable adult. Something I still have a hard time getting used to. I met there what I thought was a very good friend. In time, she helped me to relapse in my addiction. After having a few surgeries on my back, I was on pain medication as well.

  One day I went to an A.A. meeting to support my friends boyfriend. When I was there I felt this could possibly help me. So I started going and sobered up. Since then I got a spinal cord stimulator and a pain pump so I don’t take oral narcotic pain medication anymore either. I also moved out on my own closer to my family. I also grew in my faith with my family and I see them at least every Sunday at church. I was baptized in my own terms on July 15, 2018, and I continue to attend A.A. meetings. My sobriety date is November 1, 2015!